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55 E. Moore Street
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Hours: Monday – Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Supervisor: George Bell

Leaf Collection

The City begins picking up leaves in residential areas on the first weekday in November following the garbage collection routes. In 2015, crews began with Wednesday's garbage collection area. Once Wednesday's area was finished, crews started picking up leaves in Thursday's area, etc.  The Pipeline Annexation area leaves are picked up when Monday's garbage collection area is picked up.

Leaf collection for 2015 was completed on January 14, 2016.  


View Leaf Collection Map

This map allows you to visually observe what part of the current route the crew is working in.

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Alternate Leaf Disposal Option

As an option for city residents, loose leaf drop off sites will be available in the Little League parking lot off of Ruth Street at the northeast corner of Pioneer Park and in the parking lot off of Hilbrooke Drive on the east side of Howard-Tietan Park from November 2 to January 29. Residents may take their loose leaves to one of these locations in addition to or in place of having them picked up in the street by the City crews. Drop off areas accept loose leaves only - no bagged leaves. If illegal dumping of material other than leaves becomes a problem at the drop sites, the areas will be removed.

Download Drop Off Site Location Map

Requirements for leaf pickup

  • Place loose leaves in the street along the curb near the gutter.
  • Don't block stormwater grates.
  • Separate loose leaves and brush. Piles that contain limbs, brush or other yard waste will not be picked up.
  • Leaves need to be free of other debris and not bagged.
  • Park vehicles at least ten feet away from piles.
  • Do not place leaves in lanes of travel (bike lanes/travel lanes).


  • Loose leaves are picked up at no extra charge to city residential sanitation customers.
  • This program helps to keep gutters and storm drainage grates clean and working properly through the winter.
  • The Loose Leaf Collection Program lasts approximately six to eight weeks.
  • Crews make two trips around town following the Sanitation routes.
  • Two front-end loaders with claw attachments and two rear load garbage trucks with special chutes are used. The claw picks up the leaves and places them into the chute/hopper of the rear load garbage truck.
  • The street sweeper follows on the last round.
  • The City recycles leaves as compost.



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