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Risk Management

How to File a Claim

To file a claim for damages with the City of Walla Walla, please review the claim process and complete a Claim for Damages form.

Completed forms should be returned to:


Mail:  City of Walla Walla
Support Services
15 North Third Avenue
Walla Walla, Washington 99362

Phone:    Fax:  

The length of the claim for damages investigation varies depending on the complexity of the issues and availability of evidence to support the claim. All relevant information and documents should be provided for consideration.

Claim for Damages Form

Click on the document below to learn more about clean up of a sewer backup and the claim process.

Sewer Backup Booklet 2015-03-20 Page 1

The City of Walla Walla is a wonderful place to live, work and play!


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Permits for special events, tree planting, and liquor


Special Events

Public and private gatherings that use public spaces or streets may require an event permit. The permit application form needs to be in the Parks and Recreation office 45 days prior to the event.

Applications must include:

  • A special event fee
  • Insurance listing the City as additional insured
  • Certified flaggers if the event crosses intersections
  • State banquet permit if the event involves alcohol sales or consumption
  • Maps showing routes if event is a race
  • Recycling plan for trash

Arrange for street barricades by contacting the Street Division.

Download a Special Event Application packet

Street Trees

Street trees have special status in the city and cannot be planted, pruned or removed without a permit.  A street tree is defined as any tree planted on public right of way – usually in the strip of grass between the sidewalk and curb.   When there is no curb or sidewalk a street tree is determined by the boundary between the street right of way and the private property line. 

Contact the Parks & Recreation office at for permission and a permit prior to beginning any work on a street tree.  We want to make sure the work is done safely, correctly and keep our tree inventory up to date. 

A permit is necessary before planting in order to ensure the correct species of tree is planted.  Many tree problems can be avoided by following the “Right Tree, Right Place” philosophy.  Homeowners planting trees can also receive a guide to proper tree care.

The downloadable permit form below can be printed, filled out and sent to the Parks and Recreation Department. Your proposed planting site or tree work will be inspected and the Municipal Arborist will contact you.

Tree Permit Procedures Form with Licensed Tree Care Specialists.pdf

Tree Permit Form.pdf

Tree Classes I - IV


The City of Walla Walla takes great pride in our community trees--whether on public land or private property. In order to properly manage the city’s urban forest the City’s Urban Forest Management Plan was created to do the following:

  • Educate the public on the value and proper care of trees.
  • Encourage planting on public and private property
  • Involve the public in major decisions through the Parks, Recreation and Urban Forestry Advisory Board
  • Report on forestry activities regularly.

Download information on the city’s tree code and Urban Forest Management Plan


Alcohol consumption is not allowed in Walla Walla parks with three exceptions

To consume alcoholic beverages at Ft. Walla Walla Park, Pioneer Park Garden Center or The Center at the Park you must:

  1. Reserve the facility;
  2. Fill out a Liquor permit with Parks and Recreation, you must come to our office at 55 Moore St. and pay the $10 fee for the permission to have alcohol at a City facility(only those listed above).;
  3. Obtain a Liquor/Banquet Permit online from the Washington State Liquor Control Board

You MUST complete all three of these to consume alcohol on the City properties listed above!

Public Works Forms

Building Permit Forms



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